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“Natura Montenegrina” publishes scientific, professional and scientific‐popular papers from the
field of biology, geology, forestry, biotechnique and environmental protection, surveys of scientific and
professional publications, reviews and releases on scientific meetings, photographs from the nature and
information of general significance.
“Natura Montenegrina” is published exclusively in electronic form, as CD edition (ISSN 1451‐5776)
and in On‐line edition (ISSN 1800‐7155) at web address of Natural History Museum of Montenegro
Printed manuscripts are submitted to the Editorial office (Natural History Museum of Montenegro,
P.O.Box 374, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora (Montenegro), in two copies, legibly typed on paper of format
A4 with double spacing, with not more than 30 rows on one page and on floppy disks, CD or DVD discs. TO
AVOID HARD COPY, PAPERS COULD BE SEND ON E‐MAIL: natura@pmcg.co.me following instructions for the work
on the computer.
Manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if they do not comply with the instructions to
authors or if editor estimate that they are beyond the scope of the journal.
Manuscripts of scientific and professional papers are published exclusively in the English Language.
Authors whose native language is not English are encouraged to have their manuscripts read by a native
English‐speaking colleague before submission.
INSTRUCTION FOR THE WORK ON THE COMPUTER: Word 6.0 or more recent; font Arial, 10pt, character
spacing Normal, titles and subtitles without Caps Lock, spacing single. Margins: 4 cm top and bottom, 3
cm left and right. Use in text as little formatting as possible (use only bold and italics where necessary).
Special symbols (e.g. male or female sign) should be avoided because they are likely to be altered when
files are read on different computers. You can code them as m# and f#, which can be replaced during page
‐ The title should be concise and informative.
‐ The full name of the author(s) must be given below the title and should be typed in the upper
‐ The address of each author should be given below the name of author(s). E‐mail address(es) should
be provided if possible.
‐ The address in scientific and professional papers is followed by a brief synopsis (abstract) in the
English Language, than title and synopsis in Montenegrin/ Serbian/other. Synopsis (till 10 rows) consists
of the data on thematics of the paper and the key words are given at the end. Synopsis (abstract) in
English Language is obligatory. Abstracts in other languages (Montenegrian, Serbian or other) we suggest
to be included in addition to English abstract. Authors may submit longer extracts (summary) at the end
of the paper, in English/Montenegrian/Serbian/other.
Papers which have already been published either in their entity or in essential parts shall not be
accepted for publishing.
Scientific paper, as a rule, should have the following chapters: introduction, subject and method of
research/work, results with discussion, conclusion, which should provide a clear and brief picture of the
research and obtained results, list of literature used and (optionally) summary in the alternative language.
The arrangement of the main text may varies with different types of papers, but should start with an
introduction and end with list of literature.
All literature cited in the text must be listed in the references in the following format:
‐ Journal paper:
MARIĆ, D., ĆIROVIĆ, R. 2002: Morphological Characteristics of Bass (Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758)
(Percidae, Pisces) from Skadar Lake. ‐ Natura Montenegrina, Podgorica, 1: 125‐134.
‐ Book chapter:
COBLE, D. & KNEŽEVIĆ, B. 1981: Growth and mortality of bleak (Alburnus albidus alborella) and carp
(Cyprinus carpio) in Lake Skadar. In: Karaman, G.S. & Beeton, A.M. (Eds), The Biota and Limnology of Lake
Skadar. ‐ Biološki zavod Titograd, Smithsonian Institution Washington. pp: 320‐333.
‐ Book:
BOLTON, B. 1995: A New General Catalogue of the Ants of the World. ‐ Harward University Press,
Cambridge, Mass., London, 504 pp.
‐ Internet resources:
AUTHOR (year): Title of website, database or other resources. ‐ Publisher name and location (if indicated),
number of pages (if known). Available from: http://xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx (Date of last access).
‐ Disertations and non‐serial proceedings of symposia/conferences are to be treated as books and cited
as such.
Jornal titles (and publishers) must be written in full (not abbreviated).
Citation in the text:
one author: (Stumper, 1961);
two authors: (Jacobson & Forel, 1909);
three or more authors: (Wilson et al., 1967).
Scientific names of the species are written in italics. The name of the author of a taxon is quoted
only the first time in the text and on the figure, subsequently it is not quoted, provided that the text does
not loose its clarity.
Scope of one manuscript is limited to 16 pages (2,000 symbols per page) where two illustrations
equal one page. Exceptionally, if the contents and quality justify that, the papers may have larger scope.
Contributions (Tables, Figures, Photos) must be send as separate file or given at the end of the main
text. Author designates in the main text only the place on which that contribution should be inserted.
Table legends should be sufficiently clear so that the meaning of the data is understandable without
reference to the text.
Graphs, drawings and photographs are submitted as scanned contributions in .TIFF, .BMP or JPG
format with resolution of 200dpi or more, in larger format than it will be in the publication.
Summary in Montenegrin/Serbian/other should be brief, sufficient to acquaint the reader with the
character of the paper, results and conclusions regarding the problem dealt with. Above the text of the
summary there should be the name and the address of the author and the title of the paper.
Scientific‐popular and other articles should present interesting things and events from the nature.
They are submitted in English and the Montenegrin/Serbian language; should the author fail to do so the
editorial board is entitled to have the paper trenslated into the alternative language. They should be
original, written in a clear, readable style, illustrated by the quality photographs. The authorship of the
photographs has to be clearly indicated. Original photographs or scanned ones with resolution of 200 dpi
should be submitted. The original negative may be submitted, and the slides must be submitted in the
Dr Marko G. Karaman
Editor in chief