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ABOUT THE JOURNAL “Natura Montenegrina”

The Natural History Museum of Montenegro has published the Journal of science and popular-science „NATURA MONTENEGRINA“ since 2001 in electronic format and has distributed its CD edition.
At its beginings the journal was primarily designated for the increasing number of young Montenegrian scientists, mostly biologists, as a medium that presented their scientific findings. Now, the Journal becomes an important source of scientific information not only from the Balkan region.
The biodiversity of Balkan Peninsula is still the least explored part of Europe. Therefore, we believe that journals like this one, that originate in this region, should be committed to present data about our biodiversity to the rest of the world.

The Journal accepts original scientific and professional articles in the fields of research, protection and popularization of natural values.

Beside scientific and professional articles, we will also publish short communications – significant scientifc contributions that do not fulfill, in their entirety, the requirements for a scientific or professional article.

The third component of the Journal is popular science. Your institute or organization celebrates a jubilee, you want to present the progress of your project, or photographs of nature research activity … these are the reasons to publish popular scientific articles that will be interesting to the scientific comunity as well as to a broader audience.
We also welcome scientist interested in refereeing articles sent to our journal.

»NATURA MONTENEGRINA« is in exchange with about 50 journals and more than 100 libraries worldwide.

Dr Marko G. Karaman
Editor in chief