Collection of amphibians

Curator: Natalija Čađenović, PhD
museum adviser

The collection of amphibians is founded in 2000 and includes about 500 specimens, mostly from the territory of Montenegro. Among the exhibits are the specimens of rare, endemic and protected species of amphibians. The most of preparations are in alcohol, because making of dry amphibian preparations requires complex techniques, adequate work conditions and well equipped preparation workshop. The majority of specimiens is collected as the result of work on master and doctoral theses of relevant curators. Although each specimen has its own scientific and cultural value, special attractions are the specimens of neothenic newts which represent local endems of highland lakes. Their habitats are endangered by wild ranching which caused many species to extinct. Collection of amphibians represent the information source for scientific and professional papers, catalogues, monographs. Important role in museum work play the specimens on thematic herpetological exhibitions.

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