The first pelican chicks have arrived


Pelicans at Skadar Lake got the offsprings! Total of eight young hatched at the floating platform for now. Thanks to the video monitoring system, we were able to follow all that happened since the beginning of breeding. There was a lot of concern, as bad weather has threatened the colony several times, and there was also some damage from disturbance of the colony, as the adult birds were twice scared off their nests, leaving them exposed to the cold weather, rain and predators - we suppose that around ten eggs was lost due to that. However, with the stabilization of weather, as well as increased presence of ranger service, we can expect successful continuation of the breeding season at Skadar Lake.
We remind that the monitoring of pelicans at Skadar Lake is financially supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, within the project “Conservation of pelican, a key biodiversity species of Skadar Lake”, coordinated by Noé Conservation.

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