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Journal for science and popular science "NATURA MONTENEGRINA" wishes to spread its paper as much as possible, without additional costs. All published papers will be put on-line as a high resolution PDF. Copyright thus remains with the authors.

ISSN 1800-7155
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address for contact and exchange/adresa za kontakt i razmjenu:
Prirodnjački muzej Crne Gore
P.O. Box 374, 20000 Podgorica, Montenegro
E-mail: natura@pmcg.co.me

tackan Archive:

- No 11/2012  
- No 10-1; No 10-2; No 10-3; No 10-4/2011
- No 9-1, 9-2 and 9-3 / 2010  
- No 8/2009  
- No 7(1); 7(2); 7(3) /2008  
- No 6/2007  
- No 5/2006  
- No 4/2005  
- No 3/2004  
- No 2/2003  
- No 1/2002  

Request for hard copies (CD Rom) of "Natura Montenegrina" (each number is available) may be send on E-mail: natura@pmcg.co.me

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No 13(1) 2014

No 12(3-4)/2013

vol. 12(1)
24 November
vol. 12(2)
4 December

vol 12(2-4)


followed issues can be downloaded and printed as one document:
No 12/2013 . . str(pdf 35Mb)
No 11/2012 . . snm11
(pdf 21.5 Mb)
No 10/2011 . . strelica1
(pdf 35 Mb)
No 9/2010 . . . strela
(pdf 29.7Mb)
No 8/2009
. . . (pdf 6.1Mb)
No 7/2008 . . . (pdf 27.5Mb)
No 6/2007 . . . (pdf 6.9Mb)
No 2/2003 . . . str(pdf 9.8Mb)
No 1/2002 . . .str(pdf 7.3Mb)


Article of ICZN according to papers published on CD-Rom:

8.6. Works produced after 1999 by a method that does not employ printing on paper. 

For a work produced after 1999 by a method other than printing on paper to be accepted as published within the meaning of the Code, it must contain a statement that copies (in the form in which it is published) have been deposited in at least 5 major publicly accessible libraries which are identified by name in the work itself.

To meet the requirements of the ICZN, copies of Natura Montenegrina (all papers within one year are one volume of the journal on one CD-Rom) are deposited in more than 100 libraries worlwide. List of some libraries:

  • Natural History Museum of Montenegro, PODGORICA, Crna Gora

  • Slovenian Museum of Natural History, LjUBLJANA, Slovenia 

  • University „Sv. KIRIL I METODIJE“, Faculty of natural Sciences and mathematics, Institute of biology - library, SKOPJE, Rep. Macedonia

  • Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, WIEN, Austria

  • Smithsonian Institution, Libraries, Washington D. C., USA 

  • Commonwelth Institute of Entomology, LONDON , UK

  • National Museum of Natural History, PARIS, France 

  • Academie des Sciences et Lettres, MONTPELLIER, France

  • Senckenberg Forshunginstitut und Naturmuseum, FRANKFURT, Germany 

  • Humbolt – Universitat zu Berlin, Universitatsbibliothek, ZB Museum fur Naturkunde, BERLIN, Germany

  • The Museum of Natural History, LONDON, UK 

  • Royal Botanical Society of Belgium, Library, MEISE, Belgium

  • Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary

  • The American Museum of Natural History, NEW YORK, USA

  • Societa Entomologica Italiana, Library, GENOVA, Italy

  • Accademia Delle Scienze Dell’istituto Di Bologna, Italy


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Natura Montenegrina is indexed in the following international indices:
- CAB International;
- Thomson Reuters Master Journal List
- Index Copernicus Journals Master List;
- Leisure Tourism Database;
- Agroforestry Abstracts;
- Veterinary Science Database
- etc.